Benchmarking Your IR Program

When: Feb. 8th

One of the biggest questions facing an IRO is how to measure an IR program’s success. Once aligned with management on the objectives of the program, an IRO then needs to ensure that the appropriate metrics are being tracked to demonstrate the program’s value add. In this panel, you will hear from IROs on what goals and metrics they use to benchmark the quality and effectiveness of their IR programs.

Questions asked will include.

  • What is the role of the IRO within a company and how does that inform the strategic goals/metrics?
  • What are common measures and metrics reported to management?
  • What is the balance of quantitative versus qualitative?  Quantitative is usually more measurable, but less in an IRO’s direct control – i.e. share price performance, including price and volume.
  • What is the frequency of reporting?


Victoria Hyde-Dunn, Director of Investor Relations, Visa, Inc.


Steve Austenfeld, Vice President, Investor Relations, The Clorox Company 

Julie Tracy, IRC, Sr. VP, Chief Communications Officer, Wright Medical Group N.V.

Marty Palka, Chief Intelligence Analyst, Investor Relations, Cisco Systems, Inc.