This year we are proud to partner with IR Magazine for the upcoming in-person IR Think Tank - West Coast on September 23 at El Prado Hotel, Palo Alto. Short, sharp panel discussions will be followed by in-depth roundtable discussions on the key issues affecting public companies.

The think tank is free to attend and exclusively for heads of IR. There is limited seating available so, please request your invite today, and you will be sent a confirmation email once your booking has been verified.  Request your free invite

The agenda includes:

  1. A global recession: Capital market and macro-economic trends to prepare for in 2023
  2. CFO panel: Top-down approach to delivering shareholder value
  3. Roundtables: Learnings from the last recession – the role of an IRO
  4. Revamping ESG engagement strategy to meet increasing investor expectations
  5. Roundtables: Team structure to enable holistic, year-round ESG communication
  6. Targeting the right investors in a hybrid, uncertain market
  7. Creating impactful meetings: Best practices for earnings call, investor days and more
  8. Roundtables: Compare company strategies for hybrid meetings and investor messaging
  9. Investor Q&A: Expectations of IR teams during uncertainty in 2023

The unique think tank format will have panel briefings to provide context on what is happening in the world of investor relations, followed by roundtable discussions in a closed-door environment that allows participants to speak freely about their challenges and share best practices with other heads of IR.